A swimsuit and a towel will suffice for you to practice the activities, we provide all the equipment (lifejacket, safety helmet, neoprene wetsuit, gliding support).

You must be 8 years old and know how to swim.

The best time slots to start are the first 3 hours of opening, everyday, we slow down the speed of the ski lift for ease of practice,there are fewer people than in the afternoon and the instructors will have more time to coach you.

For the children the nautical school set up on wednesday morning is the ideal niche for our kids.

For this, you will be supervised by qualified instructors who will establish a chronology of progression to the person according to your skills and your practice on the ski lift.

Do not hesitate to ask them for advice, they will help you with their experiences.

If you start and discover water sports, in general, one hour is enough for a first practice.

Your body will physically support one hour, like all sports, the more you practice, the more you endure in the discipline.

You can take several hours, half day, day, but observing break times.

You will be welcomed and informed by the staff of the nautical base who will explain all the steps to follow to practice and spend a moment of pure sensation without risk.

Safety instructions displays will also be put in place by several information points on the site to remind you of what you might have forgotten.