Good morning all,

In view of the deconfinement of May 11, the authorization to restart our activity is subject to mayors and prefects.

We must all behave responsibly in order to comply with the hygienic rules against covid-19 which concerns us all.

We have implemented a hygiene and practice protocol to be able to resume our activity.


For the customers :

  • Wearing the desired mask on the site.
  • 10 people maximum per hour on site and ski lift.
  • By reservation only (anyone who has not reserved their time slot through our application will be refused access to the site). For people who have already come, use your personal account (valid for seasonal workers) to reserve your slot ( For people who have never come, created your account and reserved your niche on our site, go to the shop section (top right).
  • Come alone (only the practitioner will be accepted).
  • 2 hours maximum practice per day.
  • Hand disinfection compulsory upon arrival (a hydro-alcoholic gel will be made available on arrival).
  • Respect a distance of at least 1.50m between people.
  • Once your session is over, unfortunately you will not be able to stay on the site so as not to exceed the number of 10 people on the site and free up space for the next slot.
  • Respect the direction of traffic and the boundaries on the ground to respect the barrier gestures. Buffer zones will be set up to manage the flow between slots.
  • Snack: Drinks to go only (you will be asked to load your bracelet in credit to pay for your drinks at the snack bar to avoid C.B contacts).

For your safety :

  • Locker rooms closed (don’t forget your towel or poncho)
  • Toilet accessible on request for disinfection of the place after each use.
  • Disinfection of rental equipment (coveralls, vests, helmets, gliding supports) after each use for 1 hour before being re-rented.
  • A disinfection tank is available for practitioners to disinfect their personal materials.
  • Spreaders disinfected between each use.
  • Respect the signs to respect the barrier gestures implemented on the site.

For season packages :

  • For holders of a seasonal pass purchased last season :

Your plan is automatically extended by the period lost due to covid-19.

  • For people who bought a pass this winter :

Two solutions will be available to you:

  • If you do not renew your season pass, next year, when it expires, an extension of the period lost due to covid-19 will be added to you.
  • If you renew your season pass for one year, you will be reduced by 10% to compensate for the period lost due to covid-19.


The CWP team.